Kartonowe kriopudełko 2" ID-Color TM z plastikową kratownicą dostępne w 5 kolorach na 100x0.5ml, -196ºC to 121ºC, BIOLOGIX, 20szt

  • Kod: 90-6100/GP200105P
  • Producent: BIOLOGIX Group
100-well, 1-in ID-Color™ Cardboard Freezer Boxes

*The lid, bottom, and four sides feature alphanumeric identifications for fast, easy, and error-free identification of individual samples
*5 Attractive colors (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Yellow)provide preference and identification of samples
*Water resistant ID-Color™ coating allows for improved durability
*Hinged lid prevents accidental misplace or loss
*Sturdy and straight plastic dividers withstand ultra low temperatures
*Holds 0.5ml Microtubes or Cryogenic Vials
*With 10 x 10 PP dividers
*Dimension: 133mm x 133mm x36mm

Opakowanie zbiorcze: 20 szt

Producent: BIOLOGIX Group
Nr katalogowy: 90-6100

Dystrybutor: GenoPlast Biochemicals
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