CRYO pudełko z PP, na krioprobówki i probówki Eppendorf 100x1.5ml/2.0ml, -90ºC to 121ºC, BIOLOGIX AP09918, 20szt

  • Kod: 90-9200/AP09918
  • Producent: BIOLOGIX Group
* Stackable – Racks stack on top of each other to consolidate storage space
* Self Draining – Each box includes drain holes and air vents in the lid and bottom to minimize condensation
* Multiple Colors – Available in Blue, Green, Pink, Clear and Yellow for better color-coding
* Numeric identification – Numeric identification on each column for quick sample identification
* 10x10 well – 23% more samples stored compared with 81-place box

*Made from Polypropylene
*Suitable for use in temperatures from -80°C to 121°C
*Holds 0.5-2.0ml Cryogenic Vials
*Dimensions (WxDxH): 132x132x53mm
*Fits all of the standard freezer racks

Opakowanie zbiorcze: 20 szt

Producent: BIOLOGIX Group
Nr katalogowy: 90-9200

Dystrybutor: GenoPlast Biochemicals
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